N.B. This website is not a testimony to my prowess in web design. It is basic for one reason only, and that is to display some of the work that I have done over the last few years. I hope you like what you see.

I do graphic design and Matrix Typography is my company name. Nowadays I am based in Porirua, working out of a printing company called Flying Colours. My specialty is design for print – offset and digital.

I like to simplify things for my clients, taking the headache out of the design and print processes, and managing each project from concept through to design and completion. I am not into fads, and recognise that every design and print project is unique.

Tell me what you want and I will implement your ideas while making improvements throughout the process, etc.
I collaborate with other design and print professionals to give you the very best possible results.

Your unique design needs are an opportunity for creativity!

Below are some designs of logos, business cards, gift cards, signage for buildings and vehicles, plus the occasional little thing which had some reason for being designed.





Bitcoin logos for a Canadian based bitcoin collector.




Raven furniture was going to be a bespoke furniture designer and manufacturer. To date nothing has eventuated, which will give me some more time to do some more thinking on this one.



Jones Law wanted something distinctive and definitely different from other law practitioners.



Courage Marketing wanted a lion, and after some discussion, I came up with something retro and simple, and I think we succeeded especially when we went to the business card and kept things simple.


courage logo



Stewart Royales logo was originally drawn in Freehand. It may not be what I would have designed, but the client was happy with what transpired after the brief she gave me.



Nothing too complicated here. The brief was the name Jerico using papyrus, using a lower case "j" and then I drew a line in illustrator, applied a 3D filter to it and produced a roof-line. Voila



This logo was also designed with Freehand back in the old days. The only distinctive thing about the text is the kerning of the ffl.



The hook was originally for a logo that I was asked to produce. It never saw the light of day, because the client had also asked another to produce the logo and forgot she had asked me. I had fun drawing it in InDesign.


Something basic for a company in Auckland.



The font is Snell Roundhand with an outline. It doesn't come with an outline, but the client wanted one, so with some mucking about in Illustrator I managed to produce one.




This badge comes off a set of pannier bags which are from an old British motorcycle. The client wanted me to reproduce it so that it could be printed on a metal disc to replace the old battered one. Got to be a real motorcycle enthusiast!



evoolution is a company in Alberta Canada. They were looking for a design for their business card and product cards. The business card is printed in CMYK on 350gsm board, matt laminated and then UV overgloss on the green sections on the front. The black area is a rich black made up from black and the green.

The business cards were originally printed in NZ and the product cards were printed in Edmonton, Ca.



These cars were fun to design. There have been about six vehicles in all, and the artwork was designed by using images from digital cameras. The only one that I had a template for was the Nissan 350Z, which is below. I love that car. The other partner in the business has a maroon coloured version of this vehicle and used silver vinyl and it looks beautiful.

Artwork was designed using Illustrator.






The Werkstatt needed something simple, distinctive to advertise their expertise in maintaining German automobiles. The brochures below are the newer versions.









Whitireia commissioned me to produce some adverts which would appear in New Zealand Books, which at the time they were designed was black and white inside.



Voice for Life A0 sized poster.



Another poster that had to be economical to design and print.



This koru was drawn in Illustrator, then coloured up in inDesign. I gave it some inner and outer light and then bevel and emboss with a smooth finish. The background also has inner light to help lift it a bit. It was good fun, and what I enjoy the most, is the finished product.


I had the opportunity to create a business identity for my daughters' new business which opened in August 2017. All in all, it was a bit of fun creating something completely new and different. I especially enjoyed designing her new vehicle which was completed just this week (June 2018). Thanks to David from Moa Signcraft for the help in putting it all together. Have a look at the pictures and give me some feedback if you wish, which you can do on my facebook page [ https://www.facebook.com/Matrix-Typography-Ltd-214521938564112/?ref=bookmarks ]





Maitai Construction wanted me to design a logo for their company. It began with a simple logo using the font Antique Olive. Then came the business cards, folders and then two big vehicles. This project had a fun factor similar to the Wild Flower images above.

The reversed logo below was for the work vehicles.




36 46



Next on the list is signage for Horizon State, and IT company based in Porirua.
My brief was to design some posters and signs for their office. I created the concepts and another designer in Melbourne had to put them together.
I had them printed and manufactured by local businesses.

The main sign on the wall is on 15mm perspex and beautifully mounted by David from Moa Signcraft.


What follows are some pretty cool posters using their new logo and implementing some of their corporate ideals/goals.
The posters were suspended from the ceiling with the use of rod and stretching metal hangers.


The posters were a good way to sheild the inside of the conference room.





I am also a keen photographer. If you want some product shots or images for your specific project, give me a call.

More to come. Drop in any time. Hope you enjoyed the visual tour.